@taIesof priv

byf i'm not selective w/ frqs, but if i don't accept you it's not personal.
please like my tweets when you see them, i get really paranoid.
screenshotting joke tweets is fine and you don't have to block out my @, idc.
obviously don't screenshot my serious tweets.

this account really isn't vent heavy as it's more of a place for me to infodump and post as much as i want about my hyperfixations/interests in general. however, i still vent here from time to time.

jsyk, i talk about food, weight, trauma and plenty of other personal things untagged on here (including adhd, bpd, depression, anxiety)

also: just a warning, i will talk about my personal experiences with loss (of a pet, family member) as well as emotional neglect etc. i don’t tag anything like i said.

but again, venting isn’t frequent here. i will say though, i tweet when i’m drunk and i don’t tag it, so if that kind of thing triggers you please keep that in mind !

do not ask why if i softblock you & do not rq again.

deep priv info.

deep priv stuff

if you're here it's because i trust you. breaking my trust = instant block.

this account is very vent heavy and i won't tag anything. i talk about whatever i want here including people i hate (vagues and direct mentions idgaf)

please don't like any breakdown tweets, all others are ok.

don't rq unless i've given you this @ personally or i followed you first. i'm very selective.

warning for mentions of emotional neglect/manipulation, familial/animal death, venting about bpd/adhd/etc, alcohol mentions, occasional nsfw mentions, maybe more i'll add later

you can sb this account at any time if you need to!
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